How a Sexy Hero and a Marvelous Makeover (Sorta!) Saved the World

When Nikko finds himself on probation – and in danger of losing his superhero status – he knows he must prove he can do what superheroes are expected to do: keep a low profile while saving the world. Not an easy task, especially when half the population keeps mistaking him for the comic book hero Silver Streak.
Shy and introverted, comic book fan Lydia Carmichael doesn’t have the gumption to break away from her soul-crushing job. At least not until a magical makeover brings new levels of confidence (not to mention speed and dexterity) – and thrusts her right into the path of the real life Silver Streak, her comic book crush! 
The chemistry between them may be supercharged, but Lydia knows if she tells him the truth, she’ll not only lose Nikko, but also the chance to help save the world. Now it’s going to take more than a makeover for Lydia to find the courage to fight for – and win – the man she loves.
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Story Type Book Series An Extraordinarily Yours Romance Place in Series Story #6 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance