Born In Darkness

I intended to kill him—to avenge my sister by destroying the vile human who’d tortured and broken her. My plan was simple. Foolproof.
Except somehow I ended up dead.
Now the joke’s on me, because I’ve been resurrected as an assassin and given a choice: Fight the forces of darkness and redeem myself … or refuse and suffer an eternity of torment.
The choice seems clear. But I’m unprepared for the depth of the evil I must face. And I’m unsettled by my attraction to the darkly sensual man whose words seduce me, but who is hiding secrets of his own.
All I know is what I’m told. I’m afraid I’m a pawn in a much larger game where I can’t tell my enemies from my allies. I just hope it’s a game I can win.
The Redemption Chronicles:
Book One – Born In Darkness
Book Two – Lost In Shadows
Book Three – Surrender to Dawn
Originally published as Tainted, Torn, and Turned, this trilogy has been lightly edited for this re-release.
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Story Type Book Series Redemption Chronicles Place in Series Story #1 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance