Entwined With You - J. Kenner

Entwined With You


Braxton Reed has reinvented himself, first burying his past as a con man and thief in order to join the FBI, and now working for Stark Security. But he can’t forget the years he spent with the love of his life, Sabrina. A vibrant woman with a mind as keen as his own, she died when he made the worst decision of his life, leaving Brax determined to turn his life around. But when Sabrina’s sister, Samantha, walks into his life, desperate for his help in bringing down her sister’s killer, Brax knows that all his dark secrets may be exposed.

Samantha is about to pull the biggest con of her life, but she can’t manage it without Brax’s help. But what Brax doesn’t know—and what she can’t tell him—is that Brax is at the very top of her suspect list. And she’ll do whatever it takes to learn the truth—and take down her sister’s killer. There’s just one complication: she never expected to fall for the man she believes pulled the trigger. And the closer she gets to Brax, the more she puts her own heart—and life—in jeopardy.

Entwined With You
Entwined With You is Story # 11 in the

About this Story

Publication Date 08/24/2023 Story Type Book Series Stark Security - Standalone Novels Place in Series Story #11 Genre Contemporary Romance

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