Extraordinarily Yours Boxed Set


Books 1 - 4

Enter a world with hunky shapeshifters, sexy superheroes, sensual empaths, and lots of romance, humor and adventure!
Dive into this world filled with superheroes who secretly live among—and fall in love with!—mortals.

This collection from the Extraordinarily Yours series of paranormal romances contains:

So (Very!) Much More than the Girl Next Door
The Charmed Affair of an Invisible Bodyguard
The “Super” Secret Life of an Accidental Daddy

Never Trust a Rogue on a Magical Mission

The Extraordinarily Yours books were originally published as the “Aphrodite” series by Julie Kenner, beginning with the USA Today bestselling Aphrodite’s Kiss. They have been repackaged for this re-release.

In this Collection

With her X-ray vision and super-senses, Zoe Smith is about as far from normal as a girl can get—and she intends to stay that way. Half-mortal, half-superhero, Zoe is determined to help save the world. But first she has to pass her upcoming tests and avoid having her memory and powers erased through “mortalization.”
An ex-cop turned private investigator, George Taylor craves a normal life with a normal wife in a normal neighborhood. The typical American dream—and when he meets Zoe Smith, he’s certain she’s one-hundred percent “the girl next-door”.
With her super powers, Zoe can do just about anything–except make Taylor fall in love with her. For that, they’re both going to need a different kind of magic…
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Growing up in the shadow of her Hollywood royalty grandmother, Tracy Tannin has always felt like the most ordinary girl in the world. But that all changes when Hale shows up. Ridiculously gorgeous, the sexy romance cover model only has eyes for Tracy. Or so it seems.
With his power to turn invisible paired with his panty-dropping good looks, superhero Hale is always the right man to guard a woman, especially since he never gets personally involved. And certainly not with mortals.
Which is why he’s certain his craving for Tracy has more to do with the magical belt she inherited from her grandmother than the girl herself. 
Because there’s no way that a guy like Hale can fall for a girl like Tracy.
Or is there?
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For six years, shapeshifter Jason Murphy has been held prisoner by the most notorious outcast in the superhero world—his father.  But that’s not the worst of it. No, the real cherry on the horrible sundae is that Jason was captured only moments after the women he loved told him that she was pregnant. 
Single mom Lane Kent only knows the father of her child walked out of her life after she told him that he was going to be a daddy. She’s spent the last few years focusing on her son and hoping to find a man who will do what she believes Jason didn’t—put family ahead of everything else. 
Now Jason’s determined to win Lane and his son back. But to do that, he’s going to have to face his father one last time. And he’s going to have to tell Lane the truth—and hope that this time she’ll see him as a hero.
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A former bad boy, Mordichai is determined to shake off his past and his reputation as the offspring of the baddest bad guy out there—Hieronymous Black. He’s going all in, using his ability to create fire to help the good guys, despite the chilly reception from Isole Frost, a committed, no-nonsense ice-forging agent who is determined to see her beloved agency through these dark times—despite the dark-haired, green eyed exceptional man thrust into her midst.
When they’re forced to work together to bring in a dangerous asset, sparks fly—the very real, very dangerous kind. Now they’re either going to prove that fire won’t mesh with ice—or that the inevitable result is a whole lotta steam! 
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Publication Date 01/17/2019 Story Type Collection Books in Collection So (Very!) Much More than the Girl Next Door The Charmed Affair of an Invisible Bodyguard The “Super” Secret Life of an Accidental Daddy Never Trust a Rogue on a Magical Mission Series An Extraordinarily Yours Romance Place in Series Story #8 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance