Lost In Shadows


If I’m not careful, I might discover there’s something worse than death.

I thought I was working for the good guys. Believed I was fighting a battle to close the gates of hell. Turns out was holding them open like a welcome wagon for the demon hordes.

I’m the worst demon assassin ever.

And yet, I don’t completely suck. My handlers don’t know that I’m onto them. They trained me. Gave me powers and weapons. Now, with the help of a sexy half-demon I shouldn’t trust but can’t seem to resist, I’m going to shut the bastards down.

But I can’t afford another mistake, not now when the stakes are higher than ever. After all, what could be worse than death? I don’t know … but I’m afraid I might find out.

The Redemption Chronicles – apocalyptic urban fantasy with a kick-ass heroine

Book One – Born In Darkness

Book Two – Lost In Shadows

Book Three – Surrender to Dawn

Originally published as Tainted, Torn, and Turned, this trilogy has been lightly edited for this re-release.

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Publication Date 12/17/2018 Story Type Book Series Redemption Chronicles Place in Series Story #2 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance