Mayhem, Matchmakers, and a Bit of Bewitching

Mortal Jennifer Martin works as a liaison between superheroes and mortals, and she knows one thing for certain—she would never, ever, ever get involved with one of those arrogant, better-than-thou superheroes.
Her mom, however, sees things quite differently—they’re SUPER, after all!—and so she’s thrilled when a sexy superhero shows interest in Jennifer . 
Starbuck is working undercover, pretending to be mortal as he searches for a spy who’s selling secrets to the biggest bad in the superhero world. He certainly never intended to fall for the daughter of his most likely suspect. And he knows damn well that his attraction is going nowhere. Because even if the attraction is mutual, how can they get past the lies he’s told?
But with a little luck (and a few rare superpowers), Starbuck just might manage to catch the mole—and get the girl!
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Story Type Book Series An Extraordinarily Yours Romance Place in Series Story #5 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance