The Charmed Affair of an Invisible Bodyguard

Growing up in the shadow of her Hollywood royalty grandmother, Tracy Tannin has always felt like the most ordinary girl in the world. But that all changes when Hale shows up. Ridiculously gorgeous, the sexy romance cover model only has eyes for Tracy. Or so it seems.
With his power to turn invisible paired with his panty-dropping good looks, superhero Hale is always the right man to guard a woman, especially since he never gets personally involved. And certainly not with mortals.
Which is why he’s certain his craving for Tracy has more to do with the magical belt she inherited from her grandmother than the girl herself. 
Because there’s no way that a guy like Hale can fall for a girl like Tracy.
Or is there?
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About this Story

Publication Date 12/10/2018 Story Type Book Series An Extraordinarily Yours Romance Place in Series Story #2 Genre Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance