The Manolo Matrix - J. Kenner

The Manolo Matrix


Survival is no small feat...

Aspiring actress Jennifer Crane knows all about games– the games girls play to get a guy; the games actresses play to land a part; and the good old game of credit-card roulette (How else is a girl supposed to afford her shoes?). But she never expected to be playing a game with life-or-death consequences. Unable to successfully score an acting gig, she has, instead, been cast in the role of reluctant bodyguard to a real-life assassin’s target — a dashing FBI agent of all people! — and must embark with him upon a scavenger hunt across Manhattan in search of the ultimate prize: survival. Before this, Jenn’s definition of fighting dirty has been elbowing her way to the front of the line at a Manolo sample sale. Now, if she wants to stay alive, she’s going to have to learn a few new uses for her stilettos… and they ain’t pretty.

Fast, flirty, and full of great footwear, The Manolo Matrix is another electrifying adventure in this breakout series for fashionistas who love a perfectly appointed mystery.

The Manolo Matrix
The Manolo Matrix is Story # 2 in the

About this Story

Publication Date 02/01/2006 Story Type Book Series Codebreaker Place in Series Story #2 Genre Romantic Suspense

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