The Prada Paradox - J. Kenner

The Prada Paradox


The only thing that's "in the bag" is the danger.

Devi Taylor was one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising starlets– until a crazed fan held her at knifepoint and she retreated to a life of privacy and Valium. Now recovered and ready for a comeback, Devi dreams of endorsing all things Prada, whose Rodeo Drive store she can’t resist. Instead, she lands the starring role in The Givenchy Code, a high-budget action-adventure flick. But with the tabloids all over Givenchy and her recent split with her drop-dead handsome costar, Blake, Devi can’t shake the feeling that another crazed fan is going to strike.

Then a frightening message — “Play or Die” — is delivered to Devi’s house, and she finds herself sucked into a deadly and cryptic game not unlike the one in the movie she’s starring in. Hollywood has always been her life, but does Devi know its secrets well enough to follow the cinematic clues that might save her and her favorite Prada bag?

The Prada Paradox
The Prada Paradox is Story # 3 in the

About this Story

Publication Date 04/03/2007 Story Type Book Series Codebreaker Place in Series Story #3 Genre Romantic Suspense

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