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JK Short Reads


Sometimes, you just don’t have time for a long story, but you want the satisfaction of diving into a compelling story, whether it thrills you, scares you, intrigues you, or pulls at your heartstrings.

As an author, I want the same. Moreover, I enjoy writing shorter pieces, especially as it gives me a chance to play in genres I might not normally write in. But then the question is, what do I do with the stories once they’re done?

The answer? I created JK Short Reads. Each story gives you a chance to dive quickly into another world and experience the romance or the thrill or the mystery that surrounds the characters.

Every story is a bite-sized read that offers big satisfaction. They’re perfect for lunch, waiting in the elementary school car line, hanging in the dentist’s waiting room, or just any time you want a fast escape!

I hope you enjoy!


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