Most Wanted series by J Kenner

Most Wanted

It’s a dangerous game—and what’s at stake is everything.

Evan Black. Tyler Sharp. Cole August.

Brilliant, fierce, determined. Sexy as hell. And utterly dangerous.

They make their own rules, find their own way, and to hell with anyone or anything who tells them otherwise, be it a cop, a court, or a woman.

There’s not a scheme they’ve concocted that they haven’t pulled off, not a desire they haven’t achieved.
And there sure as hell isn’t a woman they’ve pursued that they haven’t caught.

None, however, have captured their hearts.

None, until now.

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Enjoy this playlist, inspired by the books!

WantedWantedStory #1
HeatedHeatedStory #2
IgnitedIgnitedStory #3

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