Stark International Series

The Steele Stories (Stark International)

Revenge drew him to her … Passion kept him close.

Power. Control. Ambition. Confidence.  Four words that describe Jackson Steele in both his business and his personal relationships.

He has pursued both women and his ambitions with the same laser-like precision.  He is a man who expects to be on top, who goes after what he wants—and who doesn’t take no for an answer.

He has money, women, and celebrity, and he revels in the seemingly perfect life that he has built. But there are two chinks in Jackson’s armor of smooth and determined confidence—Damien Stark, against whom Jackson holds a long-standing grudge. And Sylvia Brooks, the woman who coldly and cleanly denied him five years ago.

Stark, by single-handedly pulling the rug out from under Jackson’s lucrative development deal.  And Sylvia, by running far and running fast, despite a palpable connection that he hadn’t felt with any woman before, and has never found since. Now that Stark is looking at potential architects for the still non-existent-but-already-famous Stark Resort on an island off the California coast, Jackson is determined to not only get the job, but to possess the woman.

As for the job, it’s a project with both prestige and challenge, both of which entice Jackson. But he would be lying if he didn’t admit that he also wants to prove himself equal to Stark, a man who, as far as Jackson is concerned, leads a charmed life, both in the eyes of the world and the eyes of his family.

And, yes, he intends to seize victory in a rivalry that his half-brother Stark doesn’t even know exists. As for the woman, he isn’t certain if he wants to claim her or to exorcise her.  All he knows is that he needs to possess her.

He craves the chance to peel back the layers of Sylvia Brooks.  To taste her and touch her and learn what makes her tick.  To bend her to his will and, once and for all, make her truly his.

Say My NameSay My NameStory #1
On My KneesOn My KneesStory #2
Steal My HeartSteal My HeartStory #3.1
Take My DareTake My DareStory #3.2

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