Stark Series

Stark Saga - Damien & Nikki

Damien Stark knows power. Body. Mind. Money.

In his entire adult life, nothing he's wanted has slipped out of his grasp. And there's nothing that he's wanted more than Nichole Fairchild. To sink inside her, to claim her. To possess her, wholly and completely.

And Damien's not a man who takes no for an answer.

From her very first pageant at age five, Southern belle Nikki Fairchild has understood that it's not her anyone sees. It's just her body and picture perfect face. Now that she's got a real job in Los Angeles, though, she's determined to make her way in the world by virtue of her mind. Not her body.

But when she meets Damien at an art opening, Nikki's determination falters. There's no denying the arousal in his eyes–and as much as she wishes she could toss her champagne in his face and tell him to go to hell, she can't help but imagine what those strong hands would feel like stroking her, caressing her, making her wild…

And when he makes a scandalous proposition, Nikki can only hope that she'll be able to keep her head, even while Damien's touch breaks her into a million little pieces.

Below, you'll find links to the SEVEN full-length novels in Damien and Nikki's Saga (Release Me, Claim Me, Complete Me, Anchor Me & Lost With Me, Damien, Enchant Me).

And you don't want to miss the novellas that come between the novels … and those are included in the list below! **Note: the novellas are “added value.** You can read just the core seven novels and be happy. But, hey, I'm hoping you'll want to dive all the way into Stark World!

Also, Nikki and Damien appear in several spin-off series, either with significant roles (like the Stark International series featuring Jackson Steele) or minor walk-on parts. If you're looking for the chronological reading order of every book with Nikki & Damien, then  check out this link!

Release Me - Print CoverRelease MeStory #1
Claim Me - Print CoverClaim MeStory #2
Complete Me - Print CoverComplete MeStory #3
Stark After Dark - Print CoverStark After DarkStory #3.01
Take Me - Digital CoverTake MeStory #3.1
Have Me - Digital CoverHave MeStory #3.2
Play My Game - Audio CoverPlay My GameStory #3.3
Seduce Me - Digital CoverSeduce MeStory #3.4
Unwrap Me - Digital CoverUnwrap MeStory #3.5
Deepest Kiss - Digital CoverDeepest KissStory #3.6
Entice Me - Print CoverEntice MeStory #3.7
Anchor Me - Print CoverAnchor MeStory #4
Hold Me - Print CoverHold MeStory #4.1
Please Me - Print CoverPlease MeStory #4.2
Lost With Me - Print CoverLost With MeStory #5
Damien - Print CoverDamienStory #6
Indulge Me - Print CoverIndulge MeStory #6.1
Delight Me - Digital CoverDelight MeStory #6.2
Cherish Me - Digital CoverCherish MeStory #6.3
Embrace Me - Digital CoverEmbrace MeStory #6.4
Enchant Me - Digital CoverEnchant MeStory #7

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