Stark Series

Stark Saga - Damien & Nikki

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Don’t miss this runaway, #1 international bestselling series that hit as high as #2 on the New York Times list and captured the attention of millions of readers!


“Calling all Fifty Shades Of Grey fans!!! This.Is.It. YESSSSSSSSSSS…You heard me!!!! A series that’s similar to Fifty but NOT an exact replica. Hallefreakinlujah! This is the book I have been seeking out since I first read the Fifty series. I didn’t want to read something exactly the same but craved something alike. This book has a life of it’s own and in my opinion was fanfreakintastic …

Damien was EXACTLY what this girl needed! I wanted something sizzling and I GOT IT. I wanted something where the guy swept the girl off her feet and I GOT IT. I wanted something where it was love/lust at first sight and I GOT IT. I wanted a sexy steamy romance with characters that have some issues and I GOT IT…


Meet Damien Stark
Billionaire. Athlete. Entrepreneur. In his entire adult life, nothing he’s wanted has slipped out of his grasp. And there’s nothing that he’s wanted more than Nichole Fairchild. To sink inside her, to claim her. To possess her, wholly and completely.

And Damien’s not a man who takes no for an answer.

“Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb, Ms. Fairchild. I intend to explore so very many of them.”

Below, you’ll find links to the SEVEN full-length novels in Damien and Nikki’s Saga (Release Me, Claim Me, Complete Me, Anchor Me & Lost With Me, Damien, Enchant Me).

And you don’t want to miss the novellas that come between the novels … and those are included in the list below! **Note: the novellas are “added value.** You can read just the core seven novels and be happy. But, why would you when you can dive all the way into Stark World!

Also, Nikki and Damien appear in several spin-off series, either with significant roles (like the Stark International series featuring Jackson Steele) or minor walk-on parts. If you’re looking for the chronological reading order of every book with Nikki & Damien, then  check out this link!

Release MeRelease MeStory #1
Claim MeClaim MeStory #2
Complete MeComplete MeStory #3
Stark After DarkStark After DarkStory #3.01
Take MeTake MeStory #3.1
Have MeHave MeStory #3.2
Play My GamePlay My GameStory #3.3
Seduce MeSeduce MeStory #3.4
Unwrap MeUnwrap MeStory #3.5
Deepest KissDeepest KissStory #3.6
Entice MeEntice MeStory #3.7
Anchor MeAnchor MeStory #4
Hold MeHold MeStory #4.1
Please MePlease MeStory #4.2
Lost With MeLost With MeStory #5
DamienDamienStory #6
Indulge MeIndulge MeStory #6.1
Delight MeDelight MeStory #6.2
Cherish MeCherish MeStory #6.3
Embrace MeEmbrace MeStory #6.4
Enchant MeEnchant MeStory #7

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