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Winter Nights

I’m so excited that Wicked Grind is part of the FREE Winter Nights anthology — available only for a limited time!  Check it out and grab your copy while you can! HEAT UP YOUR NIGHTS! 10 steamy books from bestselling authors fill this limited-time winter boxed set! If you love alpha heroes and sexy romance, this… Read more »

Wicked Torture is available NOW!

I’m so excited that Wicked Torture is available now! I’ve loved Noah since he first appeared in my head while I was writing Dirtiest Secret… and his tortured backstory just broke my heart.  I’m so excited that his story is finally here! Meet Noah now! He’s very good at being bad… Outwardly, Noah Carter is riding… Read more »

Did you see the covers for the entire Man of the Month series…

Who’s Your Man of the Month? When a group of fiercely determined friends realize their beloved hang-out is in danger of closing, they take matters into their own hands to bring back customers lost to a competing bar. Fighting fire with a heat of their own, they double down with the broad shoulders, six-pack abs,… Read more »

Who is your Man of the Month?

Yes! Finally!!!! It’s announcement day of the Super Secret Awesome Project I’ve been telling you guys about for what feels like forever! Also known OFFICIALLY as the Man of the Month series! Who’s Your Man of the Month? When a group of fiercely determined friends realize their beloved hang-out is in danger of closing, they… Read more »

Seducing Sin and Tempting Fate are LIVE!

Just in time for Halloween… Seducing Sin – Devil May Care Anthology Book 1 These bad boys are going to raise a little hell… Jack. Nick. Marcus. Sexy, seductive, and so good looking it’s practically a sin. They’re the baddest of the bad. The illegitimate sons of Satan, who have managed to make love, raise… Read more »

Cover Reveal: Wicked Grind

Have you seen the gorgeous covers for Wicked Grind, a STANDALONE novel set in the Stark World! Check them out…  Wicked Grind – releases July 11, 2017 Amazon – Print – iBooks – Kobo – B&N – Wicked Grind – UK Version MORE LINKS COMING SOON!! Sometimes, it feels so… Read more »

Get caught in the storm… Rising Storm Episode 1 – Tempest Rising is available NOW!!

Don’t forget to get caught in the storm! TEMPEST RISING is available NOW!!! Secrets, Sex and Scandals… Welcome to Storm, Texas, where passion runs hot, desire runs deep, and secrets have the power to destroy… Get ready. The storm is coming. Nestled among rolling hills and painted with vibrant wildflowers, the bucolic town of Storm,… Read more »

Rising Storm, an ongoing drama. A powerful series conceived by Julie Kenner & Dee Davis!!

Have you heard??? A storm is coming… I am so excited to share the new about Rising Storm – a new series created by me and Dee Davis, and presented by 1,001 Dark Nights!! Welcome to Storm, Texas… ​A town nestled among rolling hill​s and painted with vibrant wildflowers, ​where everything ​seems like perfection. But… Read more »

Zombies on Sunday – check out Die Trying from Nicholas Ryan!

In the mood for the living dead in the new year? Check out Die Trying, the new release from Nicholas Ryan, the author of the bestselling Ground Zero. I just snagged my copy and I’m looking forward to diving in.  (I’m way behind on my The Walking Dead viewing … but at least I’ll be getting… Read more »

Awesome book trailer for Foreplay by Sophie Jordan

I had the pleasure of not only getting an early read of Foreplay by Sophie Jordan, her newly released new adult romance, but also of hanging out with Sophie in Houston recently at the Houston Book Rave. And while there, she told me I should check out the book trailer. I confess, I’m not usually clued in… Read more »