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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Darlene Gardner on Bruce Campbell: A Hero to Die For

Please welcome Darlene to the blog!     Before I came up with the horror-movie loving heroine in my paranormal mystery serial, all I knew about Bruce Campbell was that he was a cult film actor who has a thing for the word groovy. Seriously. His Twitter handle is @GroovyBruce. I took my daughter’s sage […]

Up to the Bedroom Door: Richard Preston on Sex in YA/NA (and a free book giveaway!)

Please welcome Richard Preston to the blog! Sex as a HOT topic?  Always. Sex as a topic in YA and NA?  A controversial topic, perhaps, especially in the YA realm.  My steampunk adventure series, The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin, is a fun, swashbuckling, old Saturday-afternoon-matinee kind of story and is handled as Young Adult (YA)/New Adult […]

Sylvia McDaniel on Why Love Isn’t Only For The Young (plus a giveaway!)

Please Welcome Sylvia McDaniel to the blog! I’m in the final editing stages of my new Christmas novella. This one is a little different. I went back to my best-selling western series, The Burnett Brides that I had written years ago. The series set in the old west is about a mother who has three […]

Lyndi Lamont on Our Continuing Fascination with Pirates

Please welcome Lyndi Lamont to the blog! Pirate Rules What accounts for our fascination with pirates?  I’m talking about the 16th & 17th century variety. Is it the clothing? Knee boots and tight breeches and the white shirts with billowing sleeves. Or is the swagger of a man with a sword in his belt and […]

MJ Fredrick On Her Love for Post-apocalyptic Entertainment

Please welcome MJ Fredrick to the blog! My husband and I LOVE entertainment with post-apocalyptic themes. I think the first book we both fell in love with in the genre was The Stand, which remains my favorite Stephen King book. Good vs. Evil, man vs. man, though there are supernatural elements at play. We’re mad […]

It’s All about the Guys by Natalie J. Damschroder

Please welcome Natalie J. Damschroder to the blog! Before LOST came on the air, I watched hardly any TV at all. Since then, however, I’ve become a true couch potato. And while I’ve loved (and devoured) female-driven shows like Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Revenge, when a show grabs me—really grabs me, so that I’m […]

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