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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Christy Hayes on Choosing Real Careers for Your Fictional Characters

Please welcome Christy Hayes to the blog! Have you ever wondered how authors write with authority about so many occupations when they’re…writers? If you’ve ever read Nora Roberts (I’m a huge fan), you’re probably as amazed as I am that she knows so much about dog training, security systems, fire fighting, animal conservation, and hundreds […]

Mindy Klasky: From Lawyer to Romance Writer

Please welcome Mindy Klasky to the blog! Mindy is giving away an electronic copy of her book Single Witch’s Survival Guide to a lucky person (chosen at random) from the comments section! In the great movie “The Paper Chase”, formidable law school professor Charles W. Kingsfield says, “You come in here with a skull full […]

Gabrielle Bisset (K. M. Scott) on TV Memories

Please welcome Gabrielle Bisset to the blog! Thanks so much, Julie, for having me here today! Like Julie, I have a few names I write under, depending on the genre. For PNR/UF, I write under Gabrielle Bisset, and for contemporary romance, I write under the name K.M. Scott. My first novel under the K.M. Scott […]

Late to the Show: Margaret Daley on Zombies

Please Welcome Margaret Daley to the blog! For years I had no interest in watching The Walking Dead, a TV show on AMC. After all, it was about a bunch of zombies. Zombies have never done much for me. I don’t like horror, and you have to admit they look awful and let’s admit it’s […]

Lois Winston on Writing Outside the Box

Please welcome Lois Winston to the blog! For those of us who are “pantsers” rather than “plotters,” I’m sure you’ve at some point found a minor character taking over one of your stories. Such was the case when I began writing Talk Gertie to Me. What started out as a chick lit fish-out-of-water story about […]

Debra Salonen guest blogs on the topic 'Meet cute' vs 'Meet how?' Plus a contest!!

Please welcome Debra Salonen to the blog! “Meet cute” vs “Meet how? You’ve gotta be kidding me!” You know the “meet cute,” right? Hollywood short talk for that charming-if-implausible set up where two protagonists are destined to meet and set in motion the plot that winds up being your story or screenplay. Roger Ebert explained […]

Why I Quit My Reality TV Show—or close enough by Geri Krotow

Please welcome Geri Krotow to the blog! I’ve never been in my own reality tv series but I can imagine what it’d feel like, because I moved 13 times in 26 years to all parts of the country and globe with first my Navy career and then my husband’s.  We’d pack up every single thing […]

Elizabeth Bailey looks at the Georgian attitude to smoking.

Please welcome Elizabeth Bailey to the blog! In these enlightened times, snuff-taking and pipe smoking seem to have vanished from the pages of Regency romance. But are we more enlightened than the Georgians? Looking at images of Georgian life, one gets the impression that the use of tobacco was neither general nor widespread. Caricatures tend […]

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