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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Pauline B Jones on New Orleans: When the Big Easy Isn't that Easy

New Orleans. Steamy in more than one sense. A good place for a murder? Pauline B. Jones thinks so, and she should know. When the Big Easy Isn’t that Easy If you’re looking for a great place for secrets to ooze up out of, well, search no more. New Orleans is a great place to […]

T.M. Simmons on Ghost Hunting for Research and Writing

Please welcome T. M. Simmons to the blog! I think you’ll find her methods for researching a book both unique and fascinating! Ghost Hunting for Research and Writing Most people beat-feet in the opposite direction if they spy a ghost. Not me. I’ve actually been known to prowl graveyards in the dark, with only a […]

Lynda Bailey on Erotic Romance: I want to VERB your NOUN…

Please welcome Lynda Bailey, author of The Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple, to the blog! (And Lynda also loves dark chocolate and wine!) I want to verb your noun… I saw that saying on Facebook a while ago and it describes exactly how I, as a devout reader of erotic romance, want love scenes to read. […]

Michele Hauf on Killing Vampires

I’m thrilled to have Michele Hauf blogging today about one of my favorite subjects, vampires! Buffy did it best.  You have to admit, when it came to killing vampires, she had style, efficiency, and even excellent banter thrown in to boot.  One stab of her stake and the vampire ashed.  End of threat.  (Unless there […]

Phoebe Matthews Tells Why Vampires Are (And Always Will Be) Popular

I’m thrilled to have Phoebe Matthews on my blog today discussing the enduring popularity of vampires! A ghost can’t manage a hug. Werewolves have that messy turning problem. The eating habits of ghouls are a turnoff. And as for zombies, dropping bits and pieces of themselves limits their shelf life. Oh sure, there are always […]

9 Ways to Simplify Your Romance eBook Collection by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Love to read romance, but can’t get to the books you want? Tracy Cooper-Posey has just the solution! Can’t Keep up? 9 Ways to Simplify Your Romance eBook Collection If you have hundreds of books on your reader, but can’t find anything to read, then read on for ten tips to clearing out the clutter […]

For the Freedom of the Mustangs: D'Ann Lindun's Novel and her Activism

The days of wild horses are dwindling because of the use of corrals. D’Ann Lindun joins me on the blog today to talk about her passion for mustangs and their wide open spaces! They DO Shoot Horses Have your passions changed through the years? Or have they stayed basically the same? I have been passionate […]

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