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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Meet Shirley Hailstock- A Writer's Use of Television

Please welcome Shirley Hailstock to the blog … discussing one of my favorite topics. Television! I don’t watch much television.  At least I didn’t think I watched a lot of it.  But I’ve discovered I watch a lot of television.  I can write through the noise.  Growing up with a lot of sisters and one […]

What Makes a Hero Delectable? Tawny Weber Talks Hottie Heroes and her New Books

Be ready for a little sizzle! Tawny Weber joins me today to talk about heroes and romances…read on! The Yummiest of Yums – Dishing up some Hottie Heroes. I love heroes.  Alpha heroes, beta heroes.  Gammas are fine, too.  Like flavors of ice cream, I’m pretty sure there’s a delicious type that suits every taste.  […]

A Fan of "Castle"? Claudia Dain talks Alpha heroes and Rick Castle!

Claudia Dain joins me today to talk about Alpha characters, the show “Castle,” and Rick’s descent into Beta-status. Leave your thoughts on her review below! I write Alpha heroes. I can’t help myself. My dad was an Alpha and my husband is an Alpha; I’ve been surrounded by Alphas my whole life! I write Alphas. […]

Author Jessica Scott on Hamsters, Soldiers, Iraq and War

I’m thrilled to have Jessica Scott on the blog today!  I know Jessica through my local RWA chapter, but we really got to know each other (ironically) while she was in Iraq.  I’d be working late at night, she’d be getting up, and we’d trade pages to read.  So it’s totally apropos that Jess is […]

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