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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Meet Allison Brennan: Author & Television Addict!

I’m thrilled to have Allison Brennan on the blog today … in case you didn’t know it, a new Lucy Kincaid story is coming March 12!  Pre-order Reckless now and you won’t miss a thing. Read on, and learn all about Allison’s television addiction!  When I first got serious about writing, I was working full […]

Do You Have the Travel Bug? The Allure of Carnival with Michelle Monkou (and a giveaway!)

Considering how much I love to travel, I think today’s guest blogger and I must have been separated at birth!  Please welcome Michelle Monkou, whose book, Carnival Temptress is part of The Revelers Series with Marcia King-Gamble.  Coming in March! (And a giveaway, too — keep reading!) Let me confess…travel documentaries, romance books with exotic settings, […]

Quality is Key: Guest Blogger SaraLynn Hoyt Discusses Indie Books

I’m excited to host Sheryl Hoyt (who is writing as SaraLynn Hoyt) on today’s stop on her blog tour today!   If you recognize her name, that may be because you read about her in a recent Time Magazine article focusing on the rise and success of indie authors.   It’s a topic that fascinates […]

What prompts a sequel? Guest post by Ciji Ware

Please welcome Ciji Ware to the blog today, talking about something near to my heart–sequels.  I love getting attached to the characters I read and write about, so I’m a fan of sequels and series–however they’ve come to be!   Check out Ciji’s post … and be sure to check out her latest novel, That […]

Erotic Romance Novels: Superior to Mystery and Fantasy Novels? The Evidence is In!

As most of you know, I write in a variety of different genres.  But which one is the “best”?  Hard to know, right? Do my Julie Kenner books win?  Suburban fantasy like my Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom books? Paranormal romance like my series of superhero romances? Or maybe the dark, paranormal romantic suspense books that I […]

Concept is Everything – Please Welcome guest blogger Kathryn Dahlstrom!

I’m happy to have Kathryn Dahlstrom guest blogging today!  Kathryn is a talented author who writes across multiple formats.  We met through a screenwriting workshop of which we are both alumni — and which helped Kathryn with the book & screenplay she’s blogging about!  Check it out! Julie, thanks a mil for inviting me to […]

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