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Please Welcome: J.K.’s Guests

Why I Love My Characters: Guest Post by Phoebe Conn

I’m thrilled to have Phoebe Conn as a guest blogger today! Read on! And be sure to check out her latest release, Swept Away! It may take half a year or more to write a book, and I’d rather not spend my days writing about people I don’t want to know. In some books, the […]

Working as a Team: Meet Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

I’m thrilled to welcome Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright to the blog today as part of their blog tour!   They write as a team, and are here to tell us all about it!   It all started with a phone call. How many times have you been talking with a friend and thrown out […]

Steampunk, screenwriting, and pneumatic zeppelins! Meet Richard Ellis Preston, Jr.!

I’m thrilled to have my friend Richard Ellis Preston, Jr. blogging here today! I’ve known Richard since my days in Los Angeles (he and my husband were roomies!) and he’s a great friend, a terrific guy, and an amazingly talented writer. He’s written dozens of made for cable films including The Sender starring Michael Madsen […]

3-2-1 Contact! Or, vetting your website to reach your audience!

I’m blog touring today, and I’m thrilled to have author (and martial arts instructor…cool!) Stephen L. Brayton guest blogging today, and talking about making contact with readers through social media. We all understand, or should understand, how social networking is essential to marketing and eventually, producing sales. We also understand the problem of spam, Internet […]

Somewhere Else in the Universe

While I’m guest blogging today over at Bookblogs.ning, guest blogger and author J.P. Smith is holding down the fort here, blogging about about writerly epiphanies and UFO’s and eccentric folks and inspiration. This post originally appeared at The Nervous Breakdown in 2010, but it’s just as entertaining now! It seems to me that in every […]

DN Simmons: Mischief, Sex, Violence, Humor and More!

Please Welcome DN Simmons to the blog today! Happy Holidays! My name is D.N. Simmons and I’m the author of the “Knights of the Darkness Chronicles”. It’s an intriguing little series involving vampires and shape-shifters and I know what you’re going to say. Isn’t there one million books out there with vampires and shifters? What […]

Steampunk Style – It's Everywhere!

I’m thrilled to have Lara Nance guest blogging on the site today.  As you might have guessed, Lara is a steampunk author, and you’re going to want to check out her stuff!  Keep reading and you’ll see why! And there’s a giveaway, too!  Read on! Here’s Lara! So what is steampunk anyway? The culture of […]

From Christmas Blue to Christmas Magic

Happy almost Christmas! Just in time for the holidays, I’ve got a great guest blog for you guys: Sylvie Kurtz shares a truly amazing-sounding recipe for Brioche … and the new cover for her Christmas romance! Cool, huh? You can snuggle back with a good book and a delicious treat. Gotta love it! (And today […]

Of Hobbits and Tolkien and Target … oh my!

Hello world!  I have Liv Rancourt blogging here today about her adventures in Middle Earth, ah, um…well, sort of!  Liv has a really cool day job (check her website if you don’t believe me) and she used to front a rock band and studied Gregorian chant. How. cool. is. that?  Without further ado, heeeereeee’s Liv! […]

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