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Romance Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes! #HuntforRomance #RWA13

Headed down to Hotlanta for RWA? Make sure to download the “Hunt for Romance” smart phone-based scavenger hunt app that Romance at Random and Loveswept have partnered to create. The concept is similar to a traditional scavenger hunt- this is just the app based version! The app will encourage you to snap pictures with authors (including […]

Are erotica and horror like yin and yang?

I’m over at The Romance Man’s blog talking about that little buzz you get from reading steamy stories (don’t even pretend not to know what I’m talking about!) … and about the fact that that buzz is similar to the heart-pounding that goes with watching horror movies.  Ergo, erotic and horror are pretty much the […]

March Madness Blog Hop! (And a Bonus Excerpt Claim Me Excerpt!)

(Contest & Excerpt below!) It’s madness! Madness, I say! What is? The state of my yard.  I ignored it all winter (as one is supposed to do, but apparently in Texas we no longer have winter.  So although it’s barely even March yet, spring has sprung.  And not lightly like a bunny, either.  No, more […]

On Writing: When Characters like Damien Stark Stand Up and Demand to Be Heard

I’m over at Everyday eBook today sharing some thoughts on writing; specifically, I’m talking about character creation and erotic romance. I’m riffing off of the general idea that “erotic romance stems from the same place as other novels – from the characters and from the situation. And if that situation is a bit steamy … […]

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