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Ignore this!

No, really. Ignore this 🙂 I’m just fiddling with some settings on the blog. (But if you really you don’t want to ignore it, feel free to leave a random comment!)

Gotcha Day! Has it really been seven years?

Today in 2006 was “Gotcha Day” for my youngest daughter, Isabella, who was just about a week shy of her 3rd birthday that day. Gotcha Day is the day that a family gets their adopted child.  Adoption Day is tomorrow (Halloween, which shall always be my favorite holiday!) At the time, I blogged about the […]

Tabata is My Workout of Choice … What's Yours?

I don’t like working out. There. I’ve said it. I don’t get that runner’s high. I don’t feel deprived when I can’t go to the gym. And I’m not a fan of residual sweat on the Nautilus machines. I mean, ick. But at the same time, I’m not keen on having flabby thighs and a […]

We're off to see the wizard, um, surgeon! At Dell Children's Hospital!

Our darling Isabella is growing up so fast. She’s nine now, and it’s hard to believe we adopted her just over six years ago. Time flies! When we adopted her at age 3, her palate had not yet been repaired, though her lip had been repaired in China. (Those of you who are new to […]

Sister Magic … or not!

I’m in a sentimental mood this week because, as I’ll be blogging about more tomorrow, this week is our little Isabella’s bone graft surgery.  As those of you who’ve followed my various blogs over the years know, we adopted Isabella in 2006 right about the time she turned three (she actually got her citizenship on […]

The Kate Connor Demon Slaying Song!

Thanks to Steven Brandt for most of these lyrics and the inspiration. Guess I can’t whine about not being George R.R. anymore, huh. (hahahaha). And thanks to my daughter Catherine for performing the vocals! (no thanks to Photo Booth, because the sound isn’t synced, but what the heck). Anyway, this amused me! The lyrics, if […]

Taking Your Money? That's So Rude!

Yesterday, I heard from my agent’s assistant that the Pub Payment for WHEN PASSION LIES (the portion of a book’s advance that comes when a book hits the shelves) had arrived at the agency. Let’s eavesdrop on the conversation that transpired in my family, shall we? [scrippet] INT. MINI-VAN – DAY JULIE (eyes on road) […]

Butt that's so inappropriate!

As I mentioned on Friday, my little one just had surgery. Perhaps it was the codeine. Perhaps it was the kid. Frankly, I’m thinking the kid. Another episode of Heard at Our House: [scrippet] INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT The television is tuned to Real Housewives of Orange County. The PARENTS sit on the couch, […]

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