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The Kate Connor Demon Slaying Song!

Thanks to Steven Brandt for most of these lyrics and the inspiration. Guess I can’t whine about not being George R.R. anymore, huh. (hahahaha). And thanks to my daughter Catherine for performing the vocals! (no thanks to Photo Booth, because the sound isn’t synced, but what the heck). Anyway, this amused me! The lyrics, if […]


I had intended to blog today about Apple’s Mountain Lion — the stuff I like so far and the stuff I don’t. And then I went over to Julia London‘s house last night and watched some of the Olympics. And then I saw this amazing photo of Gabby Douglas, and I just had to change […]

Have you hugged someone today?

Everyday counts, people! Do the folks you love know you love them? Call a friend, hug a child, kiss a parent and your spouse! It matters! Not only does a hug lift someone else up by its very nature (and that’s a super nice feeling), but you just never know how many days you have […]

Taking Your Money? That's So Rude!

Yesterday, I heard from my agent’s assistant that the Pub Payment for WHEN PASSION LIES (the portion of a book’s advance that comes when a book hits the shelves) had arrived at the agency. Let’s eavesdrop on the conversation that transpired in my family, shall we? [scrippet] INT. MINI-VAN – DAY JULIE (eyes on road) […]

Butt that's so inappropriate!

As I mentioned on Friday, my little one just had surgery. Perhaps it was the codeine. Perhaps it was the kid. Frankly, I’m thinking the kid. Another episode of Heard at Our House: [scrippet] INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT The television is tuned to Real Housewives of Orange County. The PARENTS sit on the couch, […]

Sometimes, you just have to die

Overheard at my house: [Scrippet] INT. STUDY – NIGHT WRITER sits at her computer, face lit only by the blueish glow of the monitor. Her fingers tap a rhythm on the keyboard. A CRASH interrupts the stillness. DRAMA PRINCESS (O.S.) What do I do? What do I do!?! Writer tilts her head, looking up at […]

You want to do *what* with the evil men?

So there I am working diligently in my office the other night. Pitter pat, pitter pat (enter the Youngest, stage left) Youngest: Can I get on Club Penguin? Me (glancing at clock. It’s after 10. WTF is the kid doing up at this hour anyway??): Uh, that would be a no. Youngest: Please, please, please. […]

Happy Mother's Day – Adventures in Parenting, Story Ideas, and Fashion Pants!

Happy Mother’s Day, all you mom’s out there! This post originally appeared about seven years ago on THE MOMMY BLOG, but I thought it was appropriate for the occasion (with minor tweaks), especially as reading back over it makes me realize how much has happened since I first became a mom (the fact that I […]

From YouTube to Humor to Amazing Art … It's Fabulous, Fun Friday!

I was scoping out some of my really old blog posts and ran across these memorable sites. Too good not to mention again! Happy Fun and Fabulous Friday! First off, I LOVE this fun Publishing 911 dialogue from Paperback Writer Operator: Publishing 911, what’s your emergency? Reader: Yes, this book I’ve been reading has, you […]

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