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Manic Monday

5 stars for HEATED by J. Kenner #MostWantedMonday

Loving the early reviews of HEATED – ! And I’m so appreciative to the bloggers and reviewers who have taken the time to read the advance copy and leave a review on Goodreads and other early review sites!  Word of mouth is the best promo an author can hope/ask for … and I know I’m not […]

Play and Promises on #MostWantedMonday with Heated by J. Kenner

“You said you wanted to play.” “I did.  I do.  But I also expected you to keep your promises.” He lifted a brow.  “I see.  And what promise have I broken?” “In the corridor.  You said you were going to strip me naked.”  Desire cut across his face, and took a step toward him, emboldened […]

Never go hungry again?

Meat. Lots and lots of meat. That’s what we’ve got in our freezer … and it’s awesome. (And was almost tragic!) Since my family eats paleo/primal (which essentially means that we eat whole, natural foods and avoid processed junk), we have found that it is very, very economical to buy an entire cow and stock […]

Sometimes, you just have to die

Overheard at my house: [Scrippet] INT. STUDY – NIGHT WRITER sits at her computer, face lit only by the blueish glow of the monitor. Her fingers tap a rhythm on the keyboard. A CRASH interrupts the stillness. DRAMA PRINCESS (O.S.) What do I do? What do I do!?! Writer tilts her head, looking up at […]

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