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He’ll fight for you…

It’s Day 4 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… Devlin Saint will fight for you… “It’s him,” Devlin says, and the words aren’t a question. “He’s the guy who—”“Yes.” The word is lower than a whisper, and no sooner does it pass her lips than Devlin’s chair scrapes back and he’s crossed the room. Before […]

Devlin Saint is a man who goes after what he wants

He goes after what he wants…

It’s day 3 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… Devlin Saint goes after what he wants… “I hear the tremor in my voice as I ask, “Is that what you want?” “Oh, baby, I want that and so much more.” His words are soft and heavy with promise. “I want you on your knees sucking […]

Devlin Saint has a dangerous secret

He’s got a dangerous secret…

It’s day 2 of the countdown to Devlin Saint in My Beautiful Sin! Devlin Saint has a dangerous secret… He was a selfish bastard, but how could he push her away when he finally understood how dead he’d been inside for the last ten years? She’d brought him back to life. She made him whole. […]

Devlin Saint Countdown Day 1

He takes alpha male to a whole new level…

Today starts Twenty-five Days of Devlin Saint as I countdown to the release of My Beautiful Sin! Devlin Saint takes Alpha Male to the next level! I watch his face, searching for a hint of worry or anger or confusion. But there’s nothing. And once again I’m reminded of who Devlin Saint really is. He’s […]

99 cents Limited Time Stark Security Deal!

You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal! Just 99 cents for the Stark Security Collection, which includes the first THREE books on the series, Shattered With You, Broken With You, and Ruined With You … PLUS the bonus short story that is a prologue to Broken! Grab it now! Hurry! The deal […]

Quote from book: He's on the run with the woman who ripped his heart out.

And so he kissed her…

Here’s a snippet from Destroyed With You — out now! — to whet your appetite! He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help himself. His hand seemed to rise of its own accord as he brushed her cheek, then cupped the back of her head.  “Winston,” she whispered as he pulled her close.  He waited. […]

Who Wants SEVEN *free* Billionaires for Christmas?

For surviving 2020, you deserve A Billionaire for Christmas. Heck, you deserve SEVEN billionaires for Christmas. Did y’all know that I’ve teamed up with some amazing authors in a FREE holiday box set! 🎁 Available now for FREE: GRAB IT HERE! Previously released stories from Willow Winters, Laurelin Paige, Carly Phillips, J. Kenner, Julia Kent, Julie A […]

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