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Kindle highlights:

Just saw that 5 folks have highlighted, “My life has so much color I could open a crayon factory,” from Aphrodite’s Kiss! What a fun little Kindle feature!

Saturday teaser: New Release Me excerpt!

  Here’s a tasty peek at some early, heated conversation between Nikki and Damien from my upcoming novel, Release Me.  I hope you enjoy! I veer toward one of the free-standing easels and stare blankly at the painting. It depicts a nude woman kneeling on a hard tile floor. Her arms are raised above head, […]

Oopsie! Here's the form for the con*test!!

I forgot to put the Rafflecopter form in this morning’s Cows with Guns video post (it really is a hoot if you haven’t seen it). But here you go! Enter here and good luck! For the rest of this month, you can use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for a chance to win a […]

Happy Holidays Con*test!

#contest #giveaway #giftcard Don’t forget that all my blog posts (not these random status updates!) include a Rafflecopter form for entering my holiday giveaway! Four winners … $25 gift cards. Woot! (That’ll buy quite a few books, LOL!) Enter between now and New Year’s Eve for a drawing New Year’s Day!

Blog Hop! Week 24 of The Next Big Thing

“Ninety-nine percent of the wives and moms in the country will identify with this heroine. I mean, like who hasn’t had to battle demons between car pools and play dates?” Jayne Ann Krentz, New York Times bestselling author This blog hop is like a game of tag. One author posts and tags a few other […]

"My name is Kate Connor … and my second adventure is on the Nook!"

“My name is Kate Connor, and I’m a Demon Hunter. It feels a little odd saying that. For the last fifteen-plus years, I’ve been a retired Demon Hunter, my hunting responsibilities traded for the equally dangerous, if not as dramatically compelling, duties of a stay-at-home mom to my teenager and toddler. And no, I’m not […]

Sometimes, you've just got to say 'what the f–k'

I am not one to live dangerously. I don’t zip in and out of traffic. I always wear my seatbelt. I toss deli meat after the expiration date. I don’t skydive, with or without a parachute. And I absolutely, positively, don’t visit websites that come through my spam filter. But Twitter, ah, Twitter … That’s […]

Got a Nook? Get a deal!

USA Today bestselling Aphrodite’s Kiss currently free for the Nook!  (and for the iBook, too!) Here’s a peek … Zoe Smith stared at the chocolate bar, wondering if it was going to attack. She’d confiscated it an hour ago from one of the students, who knew better than to bring food into the library, and she’d […]

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