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Words running amok

I think I write the world’s longest synopses. Seriously, if I just reformat this puppy to double-space, change the font to courier, put in some dialogue where I’ve only described the conversation and add a few hard page breaks for chapters, I think I’ll have a book! Take that, March 1 deadline!!! Bwhahahahahahahaahahahaha (The sad […]


Congrats to Angel Rodriguez who won a full set of signed Shadow Keeper novels along with an early read of Release Me! Angel, check your email in-box!!


Black Friday Blog Hop winners announced! Thanks to all who participated!

Finally Free!

Woot! Aphrodite’s Kiss is FREE for the Kindle! http://bit.ly/Xqw5Cu A Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award winner! “Like a carnival fun house, full of surprises and just plain good old-fashioned entertainment.”—Romance Reviews Today

I wish I could drive what Damien Stark drives…

I’m over at The Whine Sisters today blogging about the fact that a new car is in my future (or, really, my husband’s future, as I’ll get stuck with the minivan). We’ll probably end up with something like a Honda Fit. What I really want is the car Damien Stark, the hero from my upcoming […]

Win a B&B Weekend « Karen Pullen

And I’ve only given away gift cards and books! This is an awesome contest prize … a stay at a B&B that looks darling in the picture. How. Cool. Win a B&B Weekend « Karen Pullen.

Useful tip of the day for Mac Users-Stickie Notes!

Sometimes I astound myself with what I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one, but there’s a stickie note feature built into Mac computers, and it’s pretty darn sweet! Check your application folder for Stickie Notes! (And if you set the note to “float” and to be “translucent” it’s there on your computer but also […]

More Popcorn Please

Why, yes, I did just order a new Stir Crazy 6 qt popcorn popper. Why, no, the one we currently own works fine. We just want to be prepared for a popcorn emergency. And, um, we want to be able to pig out on popcorn without having to transfer the popcorn to another bowl and […]

Dark Shadows … from the beginning!

Bought the kids and husband the entire Dark Shadows DVD collection (comes in a cool coffin-shaped box!) and we’ve started watching from Episode 1. Loving it!!! So much fun how it was made on the cheap and mistakes aren’t fixed. Loving the story lines and the mystery. Trying hard to hold back on going to […]