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Walking Dead Question of the Night

So, in Season Two, when they end up at Hershel’s house … how the heck do those folks have electricity? Yes, these things bug me….

The Walking Dead

OMG, how have I missed The Walking Dead for so long? I am soooooo addicted now!

Demystifying Goodreads … and more! Coming soon …

Just a quick post today to let you all know that I’m going to start a series of posts on demystifying the social media things that are in my writerly world. I’ll be starting with Goodreads. I’ve had an author page there for a while, but I’ve never utilized it fully and to be honest, […]

SEO tips and tricks

I recently returned from the Novelists, Inc. conference and now I’m even more fired up about getting my website in shape (as you may have noticed, I’m currently migrating a lot of info, so there are gaps, unfinished pages, etc. etc. Sorry ’bout that, but it’ll all be pretty–and informative!–soon). One of the things that […]

New York Lust

I love New York City, but after spending the last few days there I have to say that it’s good I don’t live there. I would get NO work done! Honestly, there’s so much to do, so much to soak up! It’s a creative bolus…but how can I stop looking and start writing?? I think […]

Awesome bookclub pick: Graceling!

I’m in a neighborhood bookclub, and tonight we’re hosting at my house. The book was one I admit I hadn’t heard of, though I believe it got a lot of advance buzz (yes, I do sometimes move into my cave and roll the boulder in front of the door!). It’s Graceling, by Kristin Cashore, and […]

RELEASE ME has a cover!!

Things are happening fast with my upcoming erotic romance, RELEASE ME! Yesterday was particularly exciting. Not only was there an auction for rights in Brazil (yay!) but I get to reveal the cover! I hope you go check it out. It’s on my J. Kenner Facebook page. Just go to the little tab under the […]