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Dark Shadows … from the beginning!

Bought the kids and husband the entire Dark Shadows DVD collection (comes in a cool coffin-shaped box!) and we’ve started watching from Episode 1. Loving it!!! So much fun how it was made on the cheap and mistakes aren’t fixed. Loving the story lines and the mystery. Trying hard to hold back on going to […]

Walking Dead Question of the Night

So, in Season Two, when they end up at Hershel’s house … how the heck do those folks have electricity? Yes, these things bug me….

The Walking Dead

OMG, how have I missed The Walking Dead for so long? I am soooooo addicted now!

Demystifying Goodreads … and more! Coming soon …

Just a quick post today to let you all know that I’m going to start a series of posts on demystifying the social media things that are in my writerly world. I’ll be starting with Goodreads. I’ve had an author page there for a while, but I’ve never utilized it fully and to be honest, […]

SEO tips and tricks

I recently returned from the Novelists, Inc. conference and now I’m even more fired up about getting my website in shape (as you may have noticed, I’m currently migrating a lot of info, so there are gaps, unfinished pages, etc. etc. Sorry ’bout that, but it’ll all be pretty–and informative!–soon). One of the things that […]

New York Lust

I love New York City, but after spending the last few days there I have to say that it’s good I don’t live there. I would get NO work done! Honestly, there’s so much to do, so much to soak up! It’s a creative bolus…but how can I stop looking and start writing?? I think […]

Awesome bookclub pick: Graceling!

I’m in a neighborhood bookclub, and tonight we’re hosting at my house. The book was one I admit I hadn’t heard of, though I believe it got a lot of advance buzz (yes, I do sometimes move into my cave and roll the boulder in front of the door!). It’s Graceling, by Kristin Cashore, and […]

RELEASE ME has a cover!!

Things are happening fast with my upcoming erotic romance, RELEASE ME! Yesterday was particularly exciting. Not only was there an auction for rights in Brazil (yay!) but I get to reveal the cover! I hope you go check it out. It’s on my J. Kenner Facebook page. Just go to the little tab under the […]

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