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Shout-out for awesome customer service to Wallums.com

I love businesses that obviously love their customers, and I’m thrilled to say that I discovered one just like that recently in Wallums – a company that makes these awesome vinyl stickers that go on your walls. I went a little crazy buying some recently, including one for my office.  It’s one of my absolute […]

Have you seen this tearjerker of a video?

This YouTube video has gone viral, so chances are you’ve seen it. I’m a little behind the times, as I bookmarked and just got around to watching it yesterday. I was in tears just seconds in. It’s a Father-Daughter bridal dance, but the father passed away before the wedding (that alone has me in tears). […]

Hot guys, your breasts, and one of the best ad campaigns ever

  I absolutely love this You Tube video! Informative, eye-catching and best of all designed to be seen by the people who need to see it. The video is from Rethink Breast Cancer.  Here’s the organization’s description from their website: Rethink Breast Cancer is a charity helping young people who are concerned about and affected […]

What's Gnu With You?

After I posted the Llama Song yesterday, mystery and romance writer Laura K Curtis asked me on Twitter if I’d heard the Gnu song, and helpfully provided a link. Where, oh where, have I been? This song is so much fun! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! And thank you, Laura! [signoff]

Kumbaya for action scenes ….

A while back, I complained to my critique partners about the fact that I was on deadline and had to write a fight scene (in case anyone is wondering, this conversation did not come up in the context of writing Release Me or any of the books in the Stark Trilogy. Those are an entirely different […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. {I had some holiday YouTube videos here, but something glitchy is going on and they’ve disappeared! Sorry!}

Don't Miss Double Danger by Dee Davis!

If only I could come up with another word for “miss” that starts with a “D” I would have had a truly awesome headline. But that would distract from the real point which is that today is Release Day for my BFF Dee Davis and Double Danger, book six (wow!) of her A-Tac series (with […]

Why bookstores are like a bad boy lover

I’m over at Harlequin Junkies for the first stop on the Release Me blog tour! Come by, say hi, and enter to win a copy of your very own! I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately, which means dropping in and out of a lot of bookstores. Because what’s the point of shopping if […]

Fab gift idea for the music lover in your family!

According to my husband, this Complete RCA Collection of Arturo Toscanini’s music used to retail for about $1500. He knows, because back in the day when we were first married, he coveted it. But early marriage finances do not support one-thousand plus purchases. But now … Now it’s right at $100! How sweet is that? […]

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