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Soccer Mom Sunday

Carpe Television! Breaking news on #SoccerMomSunday!

  I’m thrilled to announce that Warner Brothers Television has optioned Carpe Demon for development as a television series on the CW network, with Alloy Entertainment producing! How incredibly cool is that? Haven’t read the series?  Grab a copy of book one, Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom for free … then dive […]

Super sale and Chapter 1 of California Demon on #SoccerMomSunday

If you haven’t grabbed copies of the first five book in my Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series for just 99 cents, now’s your chance! This sale is only lasting a week! And here, for Soccer Mom Sunday, is the entire first chapter of CALIFORNIA DEMON! Chapter 1 My name is Kate Connor, and I’m a […]

Meet Kate Connor, demon hunting soccer mom on #SoccerMomSunday

    My name is Kate Connor and I used to be a Demon Hunter. I’ve often thought that would be a great pickup line at parties, but with a teenager, a toddler, and a husband, I’m hardly burning up the party circuit. And, of course, the whole demon-hunting thing is one great big gargantuan […]

Snag a copy of Pax Demonica on #SoccerMomSunday

Thrilled to announce that Pax Demonica is now available at ALL the digital retailers (and coming soon to print on demand!)   Kindle Nook Kobo iTunes Smashwords   Hope you enjoy!!!!    

Pax Demonica is almost here!

Here’s a #SoccerMomSunday update on Pax Demonica: Copyedits and beta reader comments are in the pipe, then a quick turn around from the formatter, then uploading.  Woot! We’re getting closer to the release of Pax Demonica, book 6 in the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series!   Buy links coming soon! In the meantime, don’t miss all […]

Dead demons on #SoccerMomSunday – Pax Demonica by Julie Kenner

Pax Demonica is coming soon!  Here’s a teaser to tide you over as we count down… A few feet away, Allie gasped. “Mom, you didn’t—“   I twisted to face her, my expression dark with warning.   “—see anything,” she concluded lamely. “When you went to the bathroom, I mean. You were right there. Did […]

Kate keeps secrets … #SoccerMomSunday excerpt from Pax Demonica

“Tell me honestly—did danger follow you here from San Diablo? Was that boy a demon? More important, was it you who killed him?” And there it was. Flat out. Specific. A question that I could either answer or not. But I couldn’t avoid it with vague words and ambiguous responses. Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t […]

Demons rarely have Facebook pages – Pax Demonica by Julie Kenner

 I took the stairs three at a time and found Allie standing in the middle of my ransacked room.  Every single piece of luggage had been opened.  Every single item of clothing had been tossed out.  Drawers hung open and empty.  The mattress lay askew, most of its bulk now held up by the floor. […]

Some Action on #SoccerMomSunday – Pax Demonica by Julie Kenner

I’m super-psyched that we’re counting down the the release in just a few weeks of PAX DEMONICA, the next book in my Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series! Here’s a sneak peek at some action for you: Dammit, dammit, dammit! I’d known there were demons on the prowl, and yet I’d so desperately wanted a demon-free […]

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