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Stark Security Cover Reveals…

Have you seen the covers of STARK SECURITY? Charismatic. Dangerous. Sexy as hell. Meet the men of Stark Security. Stark Security, a high-end, high-tech, no-holds barred security firm founded by billionaire Damien Stark and security specialist Ryan Hunter has one mission: Do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Only the best in the business […]

STARK SALE!!! Anchor Me & Lost With Me are on sale for 1 week!

STARK SALE For a limited time Anchor Me is on Sale for $2.99 and Lost With Me is on sale for $.99 so if you have not read them and caught up with Nikki & Damien Stark now is the time! Anchor Me Amazon Print iBooks Kobo B&N Google Play Lost With Me Amazon iBooks […]

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Another peek at Lost With Me and Damien Stark!

Just a few more days until more Damien Stark in Lost With Me! Here’s another peek for you! “Hurry,” I beg, because this isn’t about making love. This is about sex. Connection. About need and fear and loss and escape. Escape. God, yes. Right now, that’s what I need from Damien, and I whimper in […]

Lost With Me Promo Post

Damien Stark coming Tuesday! Here’s a peek!

We’re getting close to more Damien Stark, and I’m so excited! You can pre-order LOST WITH Me here: Amazon iBooks Kobo B&N GPlay And be sure to follow me on Goodreads and Bookbub —and subscribe to my newsletter! — so that you never miss a thing!   “I’ll see you at home,” he says, taking […]

One Week To More Damien!

“What are you doing now?” he asks.  “Other than talking to my husband? I wrapped up a phone meeting with Abby right before you called. At the moment, I’m just enjoying my view.” “What a coincidence,” he says. “So am I.” I picture him standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows that make […]

Lost With Me by J. Kenner cover

Lost With Me: The Birth of Nikki & Damien Stark’s Upcoming Cover

In case you missed it, Lost With Me, a new full-length Nikki & Damien book will be out next fall (yay!).  I’m super-excited about this story, which features all the emotional depth you’ve come to expect from a Nikki & Damien Stark novel, plus all the heat … and, yes, edginess and an encroaching danger. […]

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