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J. Kenner’s Featured New Releases for the week of September 13!

Check out these new releases! I’ve picked six to feature including books from Jessica Prince and Lexi Blake. Why these? Maybe I know the author, have read the book, flipped a coin, or just freaking love the cover! But we’ve also listed more new releases below! (Click the titles to go to Amazon!) What have […]

Self Care for Writers: sometimes you gotta make the hard choices

Here’s the TLDR version of this post: For medical reasons, I’m backing off of my Wednesday is for Writers column (as well as my Tuesday Steals & Deals posts and Friday’s Featured New Releases). I’ve been dealing with some stuff that has made me beyond exhausted (which is bizarre for me, as I feel a […]

Featured New Releases for February 12, 2021

How excited am I about this week’s Featured New Releases? SO. EXCITED. All of this week’s picks are awesome, but I’m especially psyched about a brand new J.D. Robb book! If you follow me you know how much I love Eve and Roarke! What are you grabbing? Click the image for the youtube video!

Devlin Saint aims to please

It’s Day 24 with Devlin Saint… I want him to feel the way I do, as if every wondrous sensation is here for our enjoyment. As if we’re the only two people in the world and we’ve inherited all the pleasure in it. Excerpt From: J. Kenner. “My Beautiful Sin” Amazon Apple Nook Kobo Google […]

Devlin Saint can be yours

It’s Day 23 with Devlin Saint… “I’m yours.” She tilted her head. “And you’re mine, too.” “I am,” he said” Excerpt From: J. Kenner. “My Beautiful Sin” Amazon Apple Nook Kobo Google Play Learn More or Order in Paper!

Devlin Saint values trust

It’s Day 18 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… “I have secrets, Ellie. Hell, I have secrets inside secrets. I trust almost no one.” He takes my hand, then gently rubs his thumb over mine. “And yet over and over, I’ve trusted you enough to let you walk away. At the tidal pools. After the […]

Devlin Saint is very Powerful

Devlin Saint is very powerful…

It’s Day 11 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… “His hair tumbles around his face like a mane, and his beard needs a trim. He looks feral. Fierce. And though I know it’s an illusion, his scar seems more prominent. He emits danger like radio waves, and I can feel the force of his power […]

Christopher Rice meets Devlin Saint!

Thanks to Christopher Rice for this super-fun bathroom unboxing!! Chris is always so much fun, and I love this unboxing he did for My Fallen Saint! You totally want to check it out:

Barnes & Noble favorites of the week

My Fallen Saint one of Barnes & Noble’s Favorites this Week!

I’m so honored and excited that Barnes & Noble has named My Fallen Saint one of its favorite indie books for this week! How cool is that? Grab your copy here! • Amazon – https://jklinks.co/mfs_amz_aff • AppleBooks – https://jklinks.co/mfs_apb_aff • Nook – https://jklinks.co/mfs_nook • Kobo – https://jklinks.co/mfs_kobo • GPlay – https://jklinks.co/mfs_gplay

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