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Movie Mania

I’m over at the Whine Sisters today chatting on about the movies I saw this weekend. Come on by and share the last movie you saw, or what you want to see!

gone, gone, gone

Chatting about Gone, Girl over at The Whine Sisters today. Hint: Now that I’ve started reading it, I’m not gonna get anything else done! Have you read it? If not, give it a try. I bet you’ll love it:

Scooby-Doo … where are you?

I’m talking Scooby-Doo over at the Whine Sisters today. What has Scooby taught you? And don’t forget, The Cat’s Fancy sale ends in just a couple of days! Snag your copy and help an animal today!

Happy Fourth of July

Come join the celebration at The Whine Sisters! Fireworks and my favorite Revolutionary War-related comedy routine from the master, Bill Cosby!

Short or long, stories pack powerful punches

Today, I’m blogging over at the Whine Sisters, and I posted a link to Porcelain Unicorn, a truly lovely short film. And I mean short. Just three minutes. Pop on over and check it out if you want to see a truly powerful punch packed into just three short minutes. Compare that to something like […]

What's your punishment workout of choice?

I’m over at the Whine Sisters today whining about how much I don’t like working out … but also about how I’ve found a workout that, yes, works for me. Tabata sprints! Read all about it here. Do you do Tabata’s? What’s your favorite workout?

Would You Survive The Hunger Games?

I’ve been re-watching Lost lately (I think I mentioned that in a recent blog post), and it’s a lot of fun. But there’s one big problem, and it’s the same problem I run across as I read The Hunger Games with my eldest kiddo (we need to finish this week in time to see the […]

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