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Backyard Adventures!

So, I think I made a Big Mistake. In a moment of extreme non-lucidity, I randomly suggested for God only knows what reason that the girls and I have a backyard campout. … Continue reading today’s post on my camping excursion over at The Whine Sisters!

Whining about my sordid past…

I’m blogging about my sordid past over at the Whine Sisters today! I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging in my garage these days, and in the process, I came across the picture to the left. That’s me back during my freshman year in college. Lest you jump to the same conclusion as my poor, […]

Want a chance to win a Kindle? Come over and help me out…

The Whine Sisters are giving away a Kindle for Valentine’s Day! All you have to do is comment on the blog posts between now and February 13! So hop on over! Today, I need help with some decorating ideas. Remember, leave your comments over at the Whine Sisters site, not here, if you want to […]

Whining about being a kick ass character (or not)

Today, I’m over at the Whine Sisters site blogging about why I wouldn’t want to be one of those iconic female kick ass characters: Let’s talk action-gals, shall we? Because there was a point in my life, when I thought that being Buffy or Sydney Bristow (Alias is my current pm comfort watch) would be […]

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