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Questions about JK's books

Will the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series be turned into a movie or TV show?

I’m so glad you asked! As a matter of fact … yes! In fact, DHSM has been in development almost continually since even before the first book was published. Hollywood, however, takes time.  I’ve taken a more proactive stance recently, though, and am currently working with a producer to turn it into a series. Keep your fingers crossed!  (And keep your eyes open for a new book in the summer of 2020!)

Are any plans in the future of expanding the Steele & Sykes stories to a Saga?

Thanks so much for asking!  While I wish I had the hours in a day and the days in a year to expand every couple into a full-blown saga, unfortunately, other characters are screaming in my head demanding their own screen time!  My solution has been to incorporate the characters into the Stark Saga. As such, Jackson, Sylvia, Jane, and Dallas all appear in several of the Stark World books, most especially, Stark Security. In fact, at the time that I’m writing this reply, I’ve just released Ruined With You, which features Liam from Dallas & Jane’s trilogy, and both Dallas and Jane play a significant role in that book as well!

How do I read your digital books without an ereader?

I'm glad you asked! Some of my books are digital only, but that doesn't mean you have to be out of luck. So long as you live in a territory where that digital book is sold, you can read the book without an ereader. All you need is access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer. I wrote all about it here:

When’s your next book, and how do I keep track?

I seem to always have a new book coming out, and as soon as I have a few details about the book, I include it in my "Book Releases" list. ("I" being my awesome assistant, Melissa.) You can check that out here:

Book Releases

I also have a printable booklist so you can make sure you haven't missed anything over the years.

As for keeping track, the easiest way is to subscribe to the newsletter. You can use the handy link in the sidebar or just go to the Subscribe page.

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What is the reading order for all the books in the world of Damien Stark?

This spreadsheet is a work in progress. You can view it online or download it to your device. (Be sure to check back for updates!)

Click here to access the Stark Order spreadsheet!

What is the reading order for the books with Nikki Fairchild and Damien Stark?

I'm glad you asked! (NOTE - THIS WILL BE UPDATED BY THE END OF 2020!)

Damien and Nikki's story started with the original trilogy. The reading order is: Release Me, Claim Me, Complete Me.  After Complete Me, you can also jump to the fourth full-length N&D novel, Anchor Me.  You can find these books here.

Because both fans and I enjoyed spending time with the characters, I created "Stark Ever After" which follows Nikki and Damien after their original trilogy concluded with Complete Me.  The Stark Ever After novellas are digital-first stories, shorter than a novel, and intended to give readers a peek into the continuing lives of Nikki and Damien.  The Stark Ever After novellas are here.

You can read the four full-length books without reading the novellas.  But if you want the full, chronological experience, then follow this order:

The reading order is:

  • Release Me - novel
  • Claim Me - novel
  • Complete Me - novel
  • Take Me - novella (also introduces Evan Black from Wanted, book one of the Most Wanted trilogy.  That series consists of three stand-alone novels about three hot, sexy friends in Chicago. Damien and Nikki  make a cameo appearance in Ignited, book 3 in the Most Wanted series.)
  • Have Me - novella
  • Play My Game - novella (this novella introduces Jackson Steele, who is the hero of the Stark International trilogy)
  • Seduce Me - novella (This novella was originally on sale for a limited time as part of the Sweet Seduction box-set, the proceeds of which went to charity. That box-set is no longer available, but the story is available for purchase individually.) (Though published after Say My Name (Stark International #1), chronologically, Seduce Me comes before the events in that novel. It can truly be read as a stand alone, as I was writing it intentionally for an audience that may not have ever met Nikki and Damien before!
  • UnWrap Me- novella
  • Deepest Kiss - novella
    • Dallas Sykes plays a significant role in this novella. He's first introduced in the Jackson/Sylvia trilogy, and his full story is set out in the SIN Trilogy, Dirtiest Secret, Hottest Mess, & Sweetest Taboo.  If you want to follow that path, this is where to take that detour!
  • Steal My Heart Bonus Short Story in the back of Take My Dare or when you sign up for my newsletter here -  (No worries if you are already subscribed this will not add you twice!)
  • Take My Dare - novella (Technically, this is a Sylvia and Jackson novella, but Nikki and Damien have a significant role.
  • Entice Me- novella
  • Anchor Me - novel 
  • Hold Me - novella
  • Please Me - novella 
  • Lost With Me -novel
  • Damien - novel (Jan. 2019)
  • Indulge Me - novella (July 2019)
  • Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Note:  Nikki & Damien also make cameo appearances in the Wicked Nights series. Those books are each true stand alone novels and can be read even without having ever read the Stark books.  Chronologically, they follow Hold Me.





Is it better if I read your books in a certain order? If so, what order?

I love how you list the characters in your books on this site, but you’re missing someone! Where can I go to suggest an addition?

Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying the new character information supplied for various stories. For instance {{{ link to specific character page with good details }}}.

We've been going through and adding primary and secondary characters but could easily have missed some people. If you have a character you'd like to see on the site, contact me through this form and I'll see what I can do!

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