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Questions about JK

How can I find JK on social media?

JK loves interacting with readers, fans and friends on social media!  Please keep in mind that she has two kids and a hefty writing schedule, so she tends to pop over in fits and starts.  At the same time, JK can procrastinate with the best of them, so she is frequently sighted at these locations:


How can I get in touch with JK?

The best way to get in touch with JK is via the contact info on this website. The contents of that form get emailed to JK and the form functionality helps her make sure nothing gets lost.

Please be patient! JK receives more emails than can be dealt with on a daily basis. If you haven’t received an answer within 3 months, feel free to email again. And be sure to read through this FAQ. Your question may already be answered!

Facebook comments (on the J. Kenner page) are also welcome and appreciated!  But please do NOT send a message via Twitter direct messaging, JK’s Facebook profile, or her Facebook Page message box. Conversations or questions through Twitter and Facebook messaging is simply too hard to sort through. Chances are good it will either get missed entirely or disappear down the thread of messages into the bog, never to be seen again. While JK and/or her assistant try to answer those messages, we can’t guarantee!

The very best way to stay in touch with JK is through her newsletter. You can subscribe here.

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