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Devlin Saint is very Powerful

Devlin Saint is very powerful…

It’s Day 11 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… “His hair tumbles around his face like a mane, and his beard needs a trim. He looks feral. Fierce. And though I know it’s an illusion, his scar seems more prominent. He emits danger like radio waves, and I can feel the force of his power […]

Devlin Saint is Sexy as Sin

Devlin Saint is sexy as sin…

It’s Day 9 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… “He cocks a brow, the one with the scar, and it’s such a deliciously sexy look that I feel myself melt. ” My Beautiful Sin, J. Kenner Amazon Apple Nook Kobo Google Play Learn More or Preorder in Paper!

Devlin Saint is dangerous to love…

It’s Day 8 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… He told himself over and over that the less she knew, the safer she was. Because the more thread she had, the more she would pull, and the more likely it was that his world—and the world they wanted to build together—would unravel along with them. She […]