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Release Day: Tame Me by J. Kenner (a Stark International novella)

Did you hear the squeal? That was me celebrating the release day for Tame Me by J. Kenner (A Stark International novella!)   “Talk about kicking off a series with a sexy and steamy bang.  This novella was incredible!” – Read Love Blog   “Dear all things hot and holy…this story was scorching!  I devoured it […]

Temptation on #MostWantedMonday – Heated by J. Kenner

  I’m in the process of reading page proofs for Heated, book 2 in the Most Wanted series by J. Kenner (c’est moi!), and I am so happy with this book!  (And it is seriously hot!) I just love both Tyler and Sloane and can’t wait to hear reader reactions to these two! To whet […]

New excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner for Stark On Saturday

It’s time for another #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me, a new novella featuring Jamie Archer, which will be released on March 25. We’re getting so close to the release date!  I’m excited!  Here’s an other snippet to whet your appetite.  Enjoy!   He pulls me close and strokes my back, waiting for me to calm down. […]

#MostWantedMonday – Heated by J. Kenner

The party was still going strong when I stepped back into the room. That made sense, I supposed, considering I’d been away less than half an hour. But in that time the world had shifted, and it seemed anticlimactic to go back into the room and have everything be exactly the same. Then I saw […]

Play and Promises on #MostWantedMonday with Heated by J. Kenner

“You said you wanted to play.” “I did.  I do.  But I also expected you to keep your promises.” He lifted a brow.  “I see.  And what promise have I broken?” “In the corridor.  You said you were going to strip me naked.”  Desire cut across his face, and took a step toward him, emboldened […]

A bit of heat on #MostWantedMonday – Heated by J. Kenner

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?  Why you sent me a note saying that you wanted to play.  Because you craved the adventure.  The thrill.  You came to me so that I could take you the rest of the way, and so that you could find out just how far you can go.” He lifted […]

Heated by J. Kenner – a Bonus #MostWantedMonday

He stepped back from me, then paused to look me up and down.  I could only imagine what he saw.  Clothes askew.  Skin flushed.  But I lifted my head, determined to hold my own. He moved to the door, and pulled it part of the way open.  The sounds of the party wafted in, echoing […]

A Take Me teaser for #StarkOnSaturday

Just one simple brush of flesh against flesh, but it is not simple at all, because it holds the power to destroy me.” From Take My by J. Kenner (a Stark Trilogy epilogue novella) Kindle Kindle (UK) Nook iBooks Kobo   [signoff]

Heated by J. Kenner – today's #MostWantedMonday

“You’re pretty damn sure of yourself.” “Very.  What did you think?  That walking away was going to wind me up? Was somehow going to make me want you more?”  His voice, low and smooth, sent shivers coursing through me.  “I’ll tell you a secret, Sloane.  I already want you more.  I saw you, and I knew I would have you.” I licked […]

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