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Devlin Saint will fight injustice

Devlin Saint will fight injustice…

It’s Day 7 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… He will fight injustice. “The more light that shines, the more darkness we conquer. This man knows that,” he adds, pointing to Devlin. “Don’t you?” Excerpt From: J. KENNER. “My Fallen Saint.” Amazon Apple Nook Kobo Google Play Learn More or Preorder in Paper!

He’s a philanthropist…

It’s Day 6 of the countdown to Devlin Saint… Devlin Saint is a philanthropist The Devlin Saint Foundation’s success, of course, is attributed to Saint himself, the mysterious, young, and extremely private founder of the organization. A man who started the DSF only five years ago and grew it into a world-renowned philanthropic enterprise. Whose […]

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