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Darlene Gardner on Bruce Campbell: A Hero to Die For

Please welcome Darlene to the blog!     Before I came up with the horror-movie loving heroine in my paranormal mystery serial, all I knew about Bruce Campbell was that he was a cult film actor who has a thing for the word groovy. Seriously. His Twitter handle is @GroovyBruce. I took my daughter’s sage […]

Zombies on Sunday – check out Die Trying from Nicholas Ryan!

In the mood for the living dead in the new year? Check out Die Trying, the new release from Nicholas Ryan, the author of the bestselling Ground Zero. I just snagged my copy and I’m looking forward to diving in.  (I’m way behind on my The Walking Dead viewing … but at least I’ll be getting […]

Are erotica and horror like yin and yang?

I’m over at The Romance Man’s blog talking about that little buzz you get from reading steamy stories (don’t even pretend not to know what I’m talking about!) … and about the fact that that buzz is similar to the heart-pounding that goes with watching horror movies.  Ergo, erotic and horror are pretty much the […]

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