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Meet J. Kenner in Missouri at Naughty & Nice December 7!

  Hey girls!  I’m thrilled that I’ll be in St. Charles, Missouri in just few short weeks for the Naughty & Nice event!  And not just me!  There’s a great line up, and tickets are only $10! Here’s a portion of the info from Rose’s Book House’s website (the sponsoring store!)   SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7… Read more »

Thanks, Bookbub! Grab When Blood Calls (Shadow Keepers series of paranormal romance, book 1) for 99 cents!

Check it out! Right now there’s a Bookbub promo going for When Blood Calls — J. Kenner writing as J.K. Beck. Grab your copy for only 99 cents before the deal goes away! Don’t miss book one in the Shadow Keepers series of paranormal romances that New York Times bestselling author Lara Adrian calls “exciting paranormal… Read more »

RELEASE DAY: When Passion Lies and Love Is Murder!

I’m so excited, because today is Release Day for When Passion Lies! You can snag your very own copy here or at your favorite bookseller: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Random House Lots and lots of stuff going on today. As always, you can find me on the web by checking the calendar on the Where’s… Read more »

Indiana Jones and the First Rule of Writing Fiction

As in life, first impressions are everything in writing fiction, and writers can learn a lot from the classic, stellar film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. That movie is, frankly, a wellspring of examples of great story-telling. Right now, I’m focusing on only one. First impressions Who is Indiana Jones? Well, he’s the hero of… Read more »

Monday, Monday …

Lotsa stuff today… I’m over at Romance At Random talking about the lies we tell in celebration of the upcoming releases (next Tuesday!) of When Passion Lies. Come say hi! And today (May 21) is the last day to enter the contest! Don’t miss out! And on a personal note, I’m going to be so… Read more »

Riffing on the Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale …Finally, forward motion! (spoiler city here, folks)

If you don’t like spoilers and you haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale called The Departed, then you should leave right now (wait, no, don’t leave. explore the rest of the site! Yeah, that’s it…explore….. I compel you to explore….) Ahem. Anyhoo, there’s no way to talk about the finale and not give… Read more »

When Passion Lies…yay for great reviews!

[The] romance at the heart of Beck’s latest romantic paranormal thriller will keep fans hungry for more.” From Publisher’s Weekly. Whee! “The fourth Shadow Keepers paranormal [WHEN PASSION LIES] pits the underground culture of shadowers…against vampire-werewolf hybrids whose acid blood and plague-inducing breath kill humans and turn vampires to dust. … Her background makes Caris… Read more »

Shout out for the weekend!

It’s Friday, I’m almost caught up with catching up, the girls have been rocking at their school work, and so we’re starting the weekend early! So what’s on today’s agenda? First up, we’re going to do some tweaking to the script for a super-short, ultra low-budget movie (as in, if we break $50 I’ll be… Read more »