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I’m so thrilled to share this unique book with you! A story, plus Damien’s letters & journal entries, along with interviews of him, Nikki, and more! Don’t miss it! (Link to the print edition coming sooooon!) Reminder: an extra Nikki & Damien scene is in the Release day book! (And in every print edition […]

What to read after Nikki & Damien??

So you’ve finished Enchant Me…. I had a lovely text from a reader asking for more of my books like the Nikki & Damien Stark Saga series, because she loves the stories and the bit of suspense that gets worked into all the books! So I thought it would be a great idea to point […]

One Week To More Damien!

“What are you doing now?” he asks.  “Other than talking to my husband? I wrapped up a phone meeting with Abby right before you called. At the moment, I’m just enjoying my view.” “What a coincidence,” he says. “So am I.” I picture him standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows that make […]

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