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Not long ago, I posted on my Facebook Page that I was binge-watching How I Met Your Mother with my husband, and that we were thoroughly enjoying it.  Lots of readers chimed in about how much they loved the show, too … but that they were curious about how I would react to the ending. […]

Gabrielle Bisset (K. M. Scott) on TV Memories

Please welcome Gabrielle Bisset to the blog! Thanks so much, Julie, for having me here today! Like Julie, I have a few names I write under, depending on the genre. For PNR/UF, I write under Gabrielle Bisset, and for contemporary romance, I write under the name K.M. Scott. My first novel under the K.M. Scott […]

Meet Shirley Hailstock- A Writer's Use of Television

Please welcome Shirley Hailstock to the blog … discussing one of my favorite topics. Television! I don’t watch much television.  At least I didn’t think I watched a lot of it.  But I’ve discovered I watch a lot of television.  I can write through the noise.  Growing up with a lot of sisters and one […]

Meet Allison Brennan: Author & Television Addict!

I’m thrilled to have Allison Brennan on the blog today … in case you didn’t know it, a new Lucy Kincaid story is coming March 12!  Pre-order Reckless now and you won’t miss a thing. Read on, and learn all about Allison’s television addiction!  When I first got serious about writing, I was working full […]

Steampunk, screenwriting, and pneumatic zeppelins! Meet Richard Ellis Preston, Jr.!

I’m thrilled to have my friend Richard Ellis Preston, Jr. blogging here today! I’ve known Richard since my days in Los Angeles (he and my husband were roomies!) and he’s a great friend, a terrific guy, and an amazingly talented writer. He’s written dozens of made for cable films including The Sender starring Michael Madsen […]

Forget "Hi, Bob!" – my kids inspire my own drinking games…

Do you remember “Hi, Bob?” It was popular when I was in college, back when reruns of the Bob Newhart show would frequently play about the time that Happy Hour (or after-hours) was kicking off in various bars near campus, or at home where students were kicking back, ignoring the fact that there were essays […]

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