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Gabrielle Bisset (K. M. Scott) on TV Memories

Please welcome Gabrielle Bisset to the blog! Thanks so much, Julie, for having me here today! Like Julie, I have a few names I write under, depending on the genre. For PNR/UF, I write under Gabrielle Bisset, and for contemporary romance, I write under the name K.M. Scott. My first novel under the K.M. Scott […]

A Fan of "Castle"? Claudia Dain talks Alpha heroes and Rick Castle!

Claudia Dain joins me today to talk about Alpha characters, the show “Castle,” and Rick’s descent into Beta-status. Leave your thoughts on her review below! I write Alpha heroes. I can’t help myself. My dad was an Alpha and my husband is an Alpha; I’ve been surrounded by Alphas my whole life! I write Alphas. […]

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