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For Writers: The art and craft of DIALOGUE

This week we’re talking about the art and craft of writing effective dialogue. This is essentially an advanced workshop I gave at a writing conference a few years ago, and since there is so much information, I’ve broken it into multiple parts. Click here to watch Part 1 now on YouTube or scroll down to […]

Let’s Talk About (Writing) Sex and Love Scenes

All fiction writers need to know how to write emotionally compelling love scenes. After all, emotion is at the heart of every story. I’m reposting this article originally published on the Ingram Spark Blog, because this is such an important topic for writers, and I don’t want followers of my Writes & Wrongs blog to […]

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Pick Your Story … aka Battle of the Fab Ideas

Release the balloons!! This is the very first installment in my new Writes & Wrongs column, where every Wednesday we talk about all things related to the craft and business of storytelling. I’m ridiculously excited about this new feature on my blog. Not only will I be posting columns about writing, but at least once […]

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