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nervous kitten: this is awesome ... but it's a little awkward!

Damien Stark, New Releases, and the Allure of Pain & Pleasure

So, raise your hand if you’ve read Release Me….. … Okay, that’s a lot of you! Now tell me. Do you remember the part where Damien tells Nikki that basically pain and pleasure work together? You do? Good. Because that’s a lot like a release day for authors. No, really! Now imagine Damien Stark. (I’ll […]

The Awesomeness of Evernote

I’m starting something new on the blog: Techno Thursday. I’m a geek wanna be, in that I love techie stuff, but couldn’t write code if my life depended on it. But I’m every tech producer’s dream, as I’ll try out pretty much any gizmo or gadget out there. Some I think are cool…but I end […]

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