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For Writers: The art and craft of DIALOGUE

This week we’re talking about the art and craft of writing effective dialogue. This is essentially an advanced workshop I gave at a writing conference a few years ago, and since there is so much information, I’ve broken it into multiple parts. Click here to watch Part 1 now on YouTube or scroll down to […]

Have you seen this tearjerker of a video?

This YouTube video has gone viral, so chances are you’ve seen it. I’m a little behind the times, as I bookmarked and just got around to watching it yesterday. I was in tears just seconds in. It’s a Father-Daughter bridal dance, but the father passed away before the wedding (that alone has me in tears). […]

Check out the Book Trailer for Release Me!

  Thanks to Headline/Eternal Romance for putting together this awesome trailer! If you’re in the U.K., you can get a copy of Release Me here! Order the U.S. edition from your favorite retailers Random House Amazon (print) Amazon (kindle) Barnes and Noble (print or Nook) Books-A-Million Kobo iBooks Indie Bound [signoff]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. {I had some holiday YouTube videos here, but something glitchy is going on and they’ve disappeared! Sorry!}

Super cool music mash up

Thanks to Liz Maverick for pointing this one out.  I love the way all of the songs mesh together.  I recognize quite a few of them (and my 9yo recognized more when she wandered into my office as I was watching).  I would love a list of all the artists/songs.  Anyone feeling really diligent???  Come […]

One of my favorite holiday performances!

I never get tired of Straight No Chaser’s rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. It always makes me smile! Still sharing holiday songs as we countdown to the new year! Enjoy! And don’t forget to enter my holiday contest! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Scrivener – awesome tool, fabulous tutorial!

I’ve sung the praises of Scrivener before on this blog, but since it really is my go-to writing tool (and since I currently have copies open and running on both of the computers on my desk — the Macbook Air and the iMac), I thought a little Saturday Scrivener love was in order. I ran […]

Let's talk proposals … marriage proposals, that is!

Considering there are 23 million hits, I may be the last one to the party, but this made me tear up! I love You Tube. I mean, I was looking for a video of Fred Astaire and ended up here! Years ago, I helped a friend splice his wedding proposal into Casablanca (Mike, are you […]

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