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Still time to grab Doomed by Tracy Deebs for a great price!

I’ve mentioned Doomed on my blog before, but that was when it first came out.  Now, it’s on sale.  Woot!  Grab it while you can for $2.99 before it kicks back up in price! Pandora’s just your average teen-glued to her cell phone and laptop, surfing Facebook and e-mailing with her friends-until the day her […]

When the story grabs you and won't let go: The Stellestrian

I’ve known Craig Stiles since we both auditioned for the same play oh-so-many years ago, and I have to say he is one multi-talented guy.  He’s built his own house (not like my husband and I did by picking out a model home plan, but really building the dang thing), he’s a working screenwriter, and […]

UNWINDing after a hard day

Not that I’d want to unwind like the kids in UNWIND, but reading UNWIND by Neil Schusterman was a lot of fun. It’s our neighborhood bookclub choice, and we’re talking about it tonight at book club! Can’t wait! In fact, I even bought Unwholly and UnStrung, a short story featuring the character of Lev. Despite […]

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